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26th September 2017 by Wealth Dragons Group PLC

Awnings Montreal is a professional cleaning company with fully trained and insured employees to perform flawless cleaning of your awnings. Our dexterous employees go all-out to let you enjoy perfectly clean and spotless awnings for your commercial and residential buildings.

As a dynamic cleaning company, we excel in gutter cleaning with the help of our specialized equipment and efficient services. Using our highly-advanced tools and resources, we ensure a bright and clean gutter system for your building without causing any structural damage.

Aqua Shine specializes in commercial window cleaning that offers excellent end-results. We combine efficiency, proper cleaning solutions, and specialized equipment to maximize the results and brightness of your windows in all types of buildings including high-rise buildings, schools, institutions, office buildings and more.

We are the most reliable drain cleaner in your area that is known for unclogging drains in the most efficient manner possible. We understand that clogged drains could be the most annoying thing. Hence, our drain cleaning services are designed to meet your expectations regarding impeccable drain cleaning.

Our advanced equipment empowers us to get easy access to challenging and seemingly unreachable heights. We are the proficient high rise window cleaning company in your area because of our seasoned mavens who can efficiently restore the fundamental aspect of your windows at great heights.

No matter if your windows have secure spots, grease, grime, or other proliferation, window cleaning Montreal has excellent cleaning solutions and expert professionals to give you shiny and spot-free windows. Our team will keep scrubbing and washing until each and every stain is perfectly removed from your windows.

We have been pressure washing decks, patios, driveways, sidings, sheds, and more for ten years now. Our unsurpassable results and professionalism have made us the best pressure washer in your area. Our professional-grade cleaning gears are developed with the sole aim of removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

Aqua Shine power washer offers the picture-perfect solution for any cleaning task. We will clean your concrete driveway, patio or walkway with our unequaled power washing. We take care of your home or office at its best by improving its curb appeal and making the surfaces dirt-free.

Our certified technicians use high or low pressure or along with a cleanser to rid your surfaces of all contaminations and dirt. Being the most trustable pressure washer, we consider it our responsibility to clean your surfaces and produce excellent results. We clean every square inch evenly for all types of surfaces.

Our award-winning window cleaning technique has made us the most efficient and competitive window cleaning company. Our experts guarantee brightly shining and thoroughly cleaned windows for commercial and residential buildings. Our staff is never bothered because of the difficulty of the task in hand. We do what we say.