About Us

Wealth Dragons is a promoter of live seminars and training programmes that offer people tools and skills to work towards increasing their asset-based wealth and creating passive income. Wealth Dragons offers education and training that is not traditionally taught in schools. The Company’s programmes combine motivational tools and real-life practice skills.

Wealth Dragons Events was founded by John Lee and Vincent Wong in July 2009 for the operation of their seminar business. Since its formation, the Company has run over 300 live seminars in the UK and overseas. These seminars have grown from small classes to events accommodating over 1,000 people in the Company’s signature programmes such as Lifestyle Business Convention and Wealth Mastery Live.

In November 2015, Wealth Dragons Media was established to develop the Group’s online platform, with the long-term intention being to transfer the Group’s focus from live seminars to a predominantly digital offering. The following month, Wealth Dragons Group PLC was incorporated in England & Wales with registration number 09896161, and Wealth Dragons Events and Wealth Dragons Media became wholly owned subsidiaries.